Jams & Spreads

In summer of 1996, after a day of picking blueberries, my friend Laura came to our little family cottage and taught me how to make jam using my freshly picked blueberries.  We made many different blueberry flavors of jam.  Blueberries, with nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon, lime, and  lavender.  I was hooked on the homemade taste. I made many batches so I could have it all year long to give to friends and families for gifts throughout the year.

Today we make many different flavors of jams and spreads, all in small batches by local purveyors in Grand Haven.   Our fruit is bought locally from farmers in Ottawa County.  Using the most flavorful blueberries and filling each jar with the perfect blend of a fantastic fruit that we think is grown best in the sandy soils West Michigan.