Blueberry Haven

Blueberry Haven in Grand Haven MI

A Delicious Idea

Tiffany Balk came up with the idea to start Blueberry Haven while driving back home to Grand Haven, Michigan from a vacation in Canada. She wanted to send someone a gift and wondered what it should be. Why not send a gift of Michigan cherries, her husband suggested. Balk thought to herself, “Why not blueberries?” After all, southwest Michigan produces 44 percent of the blueberries on the U.S. market. In 2007, Blueberry Haven opened.

This single idea led to the opening of Blueberry Haven in 2007 and the creation of an evolving line of delicious blueberry products including popular items like Blueberry Haven's chocolate covered blueberries, blueberry salsa, as well as blueberry jams and spreads, blueberry saucesbaking mixes, blueberry beverages, home goods and gift baskets and boxes

In 2011, Blueberry Haven opened its first storefront on the quaint, lakeside main street of downtown Grand Haven, Michigan. Visit Blueberry Haven for location and hours.