Not that I want to admit this, but I have no one to schedule, to keep track of, except myself.

My boys have flown the nest, and my husband holds his own.

 I gotta say, I kinda am sorta not very good at it. I recently missed a friend’s birthday party because I just didn’t put a date on my calendar. Now, I have double booked myself for two big events. I have to pick only one, ugghh! I was much better with a whiteboard and five color-coded markers scheduling who had to be where back in the day. My own? I can’t seem to manage. So, if ya had to vote…Elton John with my siblings or Cuba for a week with a late 70ish dear, dear lady who has been pivotal in my life? What would you say?

I did successfully schedule a show that I am thrilled to see this month. Once I saw it was in production, I knew I had to figure out a way to get there. Neil Simon’s play Plaza Suite has been remade starring SJP. Yes! Sarah Jessica Parker and her hubby, Matthew Broderick, aka Ferris Bueller, are sharing the stage together in Boston.

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Maybe this get-away will help my organizational skills.

 I am traveling with another dear friend who is still in the thick of her kids’ schedules, trying to manage it all. As I packed my one suitcase for the show and a hockey game that I’ll sneak in, I hope my bestie gets all of her dinners made, her hour by hour activities set up, laundry done, and caught up on her job (which she will still log in and text several times a day while we are away.)  All the while texting her two sons at home, 19 and almost 17, her aging father, and her husband to make sure someone fed and let out the dog. Man, I am exhausted just thinking about that.

While she is getting everything and more organized, I finished packing my measly suitcase. I’m happy to be at my stage in life and will take a note from my own mom, “I raised you kids: it’s time to spend time on myself.” Thanks, Mom, I will. 


My book club from long ago is starting back up this month.

Having read The Dutch House and already rating it 4 out of 5 stars on, I’m choosing to read the next one instead. If you haven’t used Goodreads to track what you’re reading, try it. The site is a great way to share book ideas with friends and to find books that shouldn’t be missed–like Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano, that I’m reading while I wait.

Now, flash forward in time. I’m back and my review for the show is in! Carrie Bradshaw and Ferris Bueller did not disappoint. It was fantastic!!! My cheeks still hurt from smiling so much. I laughed out loud multiple times.  For those who don’t know the storyline, three different couples stay in room 719 at the Plaza- one is a middle-aged couple on their anniversary, another were high school sweethearts meeting up again in later life, and the third is a couple who are marrying off their daughter who has locked herself in the bathroom. All three of the couples are played by Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. Two comedians that in real life are married. Seeing them on stage together surely was a treat. It’s playing now in Boston and will finish up in NYC. I give it 5 stars.

Did the trip make me want to bring back the whiteboard for my own schedule in life? No, but I did chuckle just a bit. While watching someone else do it all, I saw myself…Why did I put so much pressure and work into stuff no one even paid attention to? With age and experience should come wisdom, right? I’ll be getting more organized but will try not to over-do it.

P.S.  While I’ve finished my Whole30, with a newfound love of what’s in my food.  This is my go-to favorite salad dressing:


Tiffany’s Whole 30 Inspired Maple & Mustard Salad Dressing

1 cup olive oil

⅓ cup apple cider vinegar

1 TBSP Spicy brown mustard

3 TBSP Blueberry Haven Maple Syrup

2  cloves garlic finely chopped

½ shallot finely chopped

Mix all ingredients together, adding the olive oil last.

Shake well.

I hope this month brings great laughter with friends and some time for yourself too, no matter how hectic your schedule may be. As Ferris Bueller would say, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


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