July 02, 2023

Lemon Berry Ice Tea

By My Store Admin
4 cups boiling hot water
 6 Green Tea Bags
 ½ cup Rinsed Blueberries
 1 cup Water
 ¼ cup Fresh Lemon Juice
 ¼ cup Blueberry Haven Blueberry Elixir
 2 cups Ice

In a large pan or glass measuring cup, combine hot water and tea bags and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes, or until the tea is brewed to your liking, and let it cool.
In a separate pan, heat an additional cup of water with fresh blueberries (save a few for garnish if you'd like!) and lemon juice and boil for a moment, quickly reducing heat to a simmer until blueberries are soft, or break open. Remove pan from the stove.
Strain the fresh blueberry mixture keeping the liquid and discarding the cooked blueberry skins. Add Blueberry Haven Blueberry Elixir to the blueberry liquid. Pour both the blueberry liquid mixture and the ice tea into a glass container such as a gallon ice-tea dispenser, and refrigerate until the liquid is cooled completely.

Serve tea over ice and garnish with fresh blueberries and a wedge of lemon.

For a delicious "twist" try adding 1-2 ounces of your favorite vodka!

6 servings